Our Ministries are structured to help us fulfill our purpose as defined by our mission, and we encourage our church members to become actively involved. These Ministries strengthen our presence in the community, help us communicate the word of our Lord, fulfill the needs within our church, and build lasting and meaningful relationships that will sustain us in the coming years. Please see the list of our current Ministries below:


Men’s Ministry: The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to organize and maintain the work of the Lord through the activities of the Kingdom Builder’s men. The Men’s Ministry oversees the development and growth of the men of our church and teaches them proper conduct in becoming men of God.


Women’s Department: The Women’s Department is responsible for organizing and maintaining the work of the Lord through the activities of the Kingdom Builder’s women. The Women’s Department oversees the development and growth of the women of the church and teaches them proper conduct in becoming women of God.


Pastor Aide Committee: The Pastor Aide Committee was established to meet the needs of the Pastor by ensuring that he has the necessary supplies and materials for speaking engagements; by providing refreshments during services; and by coordinating with church’s Anniversary Committee.


Hospitality Department: The Hospitality Department is a group of members organized on behalf of the church to extend warmth and kindness while entertaining visitors, special guests and members.


Usher Board: The members of the Usher Board extend the right hand of fellowship and cordiality at the church’s entrance on behalf of the Pastor. They maintain, protect and preserve proper decorum at the entrance and ensure that visitors and members are comfortably seated.


The Mother’s Board: The Mother’s Board teaches women how to support and provide stability for their families and the ministry in a respectful and appreciative manner.


Outreach Ministry: Our Outreach Ministry fulfills the commission given to us by our Lord and Savior (Matthew 25:31-46). Honoring His directive, we share God’s love by feeding the hungry, befriending the stranger, visiting the sick and visiting those who are imprisoned.


Youth Department: The Youth Department nurtures our youth by providing Biblical teaching and helping them develop Christian principles, values, character, attitudes and conduct through church fellowship, bible study and special Christian Activities.


Sunday School Department: The Sunday School Department nurtures and teaches saints, both young and mature, in the Word of God; allows them to administer their spiritual gifts; provides opportunities for evangelical training; and helps students on an individual spiritual level.