The KB Ranch is a 15 acre facility located in Louisa, Virginia, that features such amenities as, a private campground, a 5 thousand square foot administrative and multipurpose facility, complete with sleeping quarters and a theater style meeting room, that seats 35 and a full kitchen. The massive deck is enough to host any gathering. The entire complex is engineered around every safety measure conceivable, by incorporating handicap accessible ramps, parking and bathrooms. Being located in Louisa, Virginia is a blessing, in that it gives us access to beautiful Lake Anna and all that it has to offer, with its many places to enjoy the outdoors and Gods many wonders. So, come enjoy this beautiful wondrous blessing with us.

The KB Christian Summer
Camp is the maiden venture of the Kingdom Brothers Boys ministry. Its focus is to, through examples of leadership and manhood, enrich the lives and futures of our young men. The Camp will be hosted at the KB Ranch, Where the KB staff of counselors along with many other volunteers and sponsors, will teach our boys much needed skills used in camping, swimming and fishing. We will also have classes on first aide, CPR and general field safety. We are also blessed to have the men of “Shooting 4 Peace” with us. These men are former and current professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and various other areas of professional sports. They will be conducting a series of mini sports camps for our boys, to teach them teamwork, discipline and other such useful life lessons.